Morning Blush

This morning the sky woke up blushing,

Still feeling the ripples of pleasure and delight

Yesterday the sun had gone down on her

As she had folded her arms around him and called it a night


She was blushing then too, when he came

Bursting with a passion, glowing with desire

The evening was still young then,

As he painted everything around with the warmth of his fire


Only she could calm him down, like she always did

Held him against her bosom and swallowed the intense heat

Then tucked him under the blanket of the night

her head on his chest she hummed to the rhythm of his heartbeat


I had voyeured their love play

And captured it in my mind’s eye

And when the sky woke up blushing today

I winked at her and told her I knew why.



I see you in the skies, I see you in the clouds
I see you in my loneliness, I see you in the crowds
In the shimmering moonlight I see you across the lake
I see you in every raindrop and in each unique snowflake
I see you always, everywhere and yet like never before
And every time I see you I love you even more
You bring magic to my life, joy into my heart
Everyday an adventure that’s about to start
You bring meaning to my being, sanity to my thought
And the excitement, like unwrapping a gift that I just got
And in my arms I want you, on the life’s dance floor
And when I’d look down in your eyes, I’d love you even more.
The child in you makes me laugh, now and then and again
Delight and happiness filling life with the sweetness of candy cane
And when you snuggle on my shoulder at night to fall asleep
Those moments are full of bliss, just mine to keep
That angelic face, calm & serene, I look down and adore
And when you mumble in your sleep, I love you even more
Lets conquer all our mountains and ride out every storm
Cheek to cheek, we’ll dance through life like it’s our personal prom
You be yourself, is what I want, clowning around in joy
Laughing, dancing, giggling, prancing, a child with a favorite toy
And with all that you’d make me laugh too, fun and bliss galore
And that’s the reason I just cant stop lovin’ you even more!

© [Sanjay Rangnekar] 2012]
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